Family & Children Risk Management Tips
The following tips are used with permission from The Guidry Group, a leading provider of security and risk management services. These tips are geared toward high profile individuals and families who face increased risk due to their wealth and status. 
  1. Create and discuss emergency plans and courses of action with family members, including children. Preparation is critical in the event of any emergency.
  2. Do not talk about the fears. Talk instead about awareness and possible what-ifs. Children are very good listeners. Review the family plans with them often. You can even make it a game for prizes on who gets the most or best answers.
  3. Discuss what they should do if someone should come to the home, school, or playground.
  4. Discuss if someone is lost or kidnapped, as to next steps and who they should call.
  5. Never fall for someone calling you with an emergency asking you to leave your home without first verifying that the caller is who they say they are.
  6. Do not open the door for packages or gifts if you do not recognize the company or person. Ask them to leave the box at the door and watch them drive away.
  7. Rubber door stops make great emergency locks if placed under the doors in the event of an emergency. Place them by all external doors. They can also be put in the car or backpacks of children. Practice with children how simple they are to use.

    This publication provides general information and/or recommendations that may apply to many different situations or operations. Any recommendations described in this publication are not intended to be specific to your unique situation or operation and are not intended to address all possible hazardous conditions or unsafe acts that may exist. Consult with your staff and specialists to determine how and whether the information in this publication might guide you in specific plans for your situation or operations. Additionally, this article does not substitute for legal advice, which should come from your own counsel.