Fireman's Fund Prestige Excess® Risk Score

How Much Is Enough?

Prestige Excess (umbrella liability coverage) can help protect against personal liabilities that could reduce a substantial portion of your assets or future earnings. For a few hundred dollars a year, you can add a policy or increase your policy limits to accommodate your growing assets and risk factors. While many financial advisors recommend that your umbrella policy limits be equivalent to your net worth, they may neglect to consider risk factors that could leave you exposed. An unfavorable judgment may exceed your entire savings and put your other assets and future earnings at risk. We recommend clients review the following risk factors as an additional tool for determining how much liability coverage is enough.

Risk Factors: Print this page and enter "1" for every yes answer


(    ) Have a household income greater than $150,000.
(    ) Have a net worth over $500,000.
Are in an occupation with increased public visibility (actor, author, broadcaster, editor, executive, foreign diplomat/national, politician).
(    ) Own an expensive automobile (accident victims may have more complicated injuries and are less forgiving when hit by a luxury automobile).
(    ) Own a swimming pool, hot tub or spa.
(    ) Own rental property (umbrella policies may cover wrongful eviction, unlawful entry, slander, malicious prosecution).
(    ) Own a dog (especially breeds having a high occurrence of attack).
(    ) Frequently entertain at your home (dinner, pool, and cocktail parties).
(    ) Transport others, particularly children or the elderly.
(    ) Own a motorboat, sailboat, personal watercraft or snowmobile.
(    ) Serve on a homeowners association board or a nonprofit board of directors.
(    ) Own a vacation home (secondary / seasonal).
(    ) Own firearms.
(    ) Travel frequently outside of the U.S. or spend time at property you own in another country.
(    ) Employ domestic help and/or occasional workers.
(    ) Have a private attorney.
(    ) Your Risk Score.


Individuals and families with a score of five or higher should consider a Prestige Excess policy limit of at least $5 million. Those with scores of six or more may need a $10 million limit or more. Contact your independent agent for more details.



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These descriptions of coverage are abbreviated and are subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the actual policy, which forms the contract between the insured and the insurance company. Availability of coverages, credits and options may vary by state.