Hotel Room Risk Management Tips

The following tips are used with permission from The Guidry Group, a leading provider of security and risk management services. These tips are geared toward high profile individuals and families who face increased risk due to their wealth and status. 

  1. Always listen at the door before entering your room.
  2. Keep the door locked at all times and use a rubber door stop as a backup lock, especially if you have adjoining room doors.
  3. Know your exits.
  4. Never leave the hotel if you feel like someone suspicious is monitoring your activities.
  5. Always look through the peephole before opening the door.
  6. If someone identifies themselves as hotel staff, always check with front desk before opening the door.
  7. Never throw your key card in the trash because it has all of your personal information from registration on the card.

This publication provides general information and/or recommendations that may apply to many different situations or operations. Any recommendations described in this publication are not intended to be specific to your unique situation or operation and are not intended to address all possible hazardous conditions or unsafe acts that may exist. Consult with your staff and specialists to determine how and whether the information in this publication might guide you in specific plans for your situation or operations. Additionally, this article does not substitute for legal advice, which should come from your own counsel.