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Welcome. Here you’ll find educational content on various facets of personal insurance that can have an impact on your home, wealth, lifestyle and family.


White Papers  

  1. Protecting High Net Worth Families From Cyber Crime (pdf)
    With cyber crime a growing trend, high net worth families can be particularly vulnerable due to their wealth and potential for high media exposure. This white paper explores the cyber risks and provides immediate actions that can be taken to protect information and enhance physical and network security.
  2. Sandy Takes Art Collections By Storm (pdf)
    We learned some lessons from Superstorm Sandy. This white paper provides a guide for ways to protect your collection from catastrophe both before and during an event, with a particular focus on appraisals, storage, transportation and in evaluating and utilizing the expertise of vendors and carriers.
  3. Protecting Your Home From Wildfire (pdf)
    Proactive preparation can spare your home from destruction.  This white paper provides a guide for how to assess your home's vulnerability, outlines how to prepare your home for a possible wildfire, and discusses the merits of insurance companies' privatized firefighting efforts.
  4. Is Your LLC or Trust Properly Insured? (pdf) 
    LLCs and Trusts are increasingly used by high net worth individuals and families for the purchase of homes and other personal assets. This white paper presents various insurance options for these legal entities and things to consider in finding the right insurance coverage.


HNW Agent Playbook 2013

This session helps independent insurance agents get into the mind of the high net worth individual. It discusses how the state of the economy has led to a shift to a sustained ethic of resourcefulness among the high net worth, the tightening of their inner circle, and how the “worth” model is driving spending. Details the 5 principles of success for agents to use in working with high net worth clients according to Harrison Group findings.